Morning stroll at the Registan

04 october - Samarkand, Uzbekistan - Janneke

The Registan, literally ‘sandy place’ was the central point of trade back in the Silk Road days. Everything for sale was available at the public square and also important notices and hangings occurred here. The three buildings on either side are Madrasahs, islamic schools from the empire of Tamerlane. After a big demolition it got build up from the ground again. Efteling style. A lot of books and travel sites say it doesn’t look authentic anymore, while I am actually quite impressed by the grandeur and enjoy to walk amidst culture I have not to interpret in mind.

The small galleries were places were students lived and got taught by Ulugh Beg, grandson of Tamerlane. I got there just in time and enjoyed the view on the inner court yards without the touristic souvenir shops stalled out in the galleries nowadays.