Dasht-e Kavir

25 October - Mesr, Iran - Janneke

We didn’t want to travel straight from the northern Mashad to the tourist cities area, but take a closer look at the Kasht-e Davir, the central desert. It became a sandy adventure. Rain kept us trapped for a day in the desert town Mesr. Too hard for us to play with our motorbikes in the sand, so Michael from Austria took us in his 4×4 Toyata Landcruiser. We were literally cruising on the sand. So easy. Piece of cake. I felt quite locked up though. Sitting in the car gave me the feeling I wasn’t really ‘out there’, in the elements. Apparently I do like the riding on Salvador, a bit of ‘afzien’ is part of the adventure. I did gave us food for thought; how about we get one of this 4×4 cars and put a light offroad bike on the back? Next day we talked for hours about limitless possibilities.