Lonely caravanserai

24 October - Safraanieh, Iran - Janneke

We found out Iranians like cozy ecolodges. Traditional mud brick Iranian houses with some TLC in the served food. At night you make your own bed from a stack of mattresses and pillows. Because it is late in the tourist season, we are treated with less heat from the sun and less tourists. Most of the time we are the only visitors. The lodge in Safraanieh was a hidden gem. Yasr studies architecture and built his own ecolodge in the middle of a super tiny town. He does the renovating, the cooking, the cleaning and even showed us around the old caravanserai next door. A caravanserai is similar to an ‘inn’, a rest place for traders. A leftover from the ancient Silk Road. Amadeus and Salvador are quite the attraction and feel like superstars, an average of 10 pictures a day is normal for us and even the police likes to stop us. Passport please, some calling, some selfies and off we go again. Even stopping for water can take a lot of time.