Riding the Himachal Pradesh

2 december - India - Janneke

Most people mentioned to us that if we can ride in India, we can ride anywhere. To us, India felt ‘empty’ compared to the crazy harikiri roads in Pakistan. But then, we did not go to Delhi, so cannot judge properly, or we just became hardcore riders!

Himachal Pradesh is one of the northern provinces of India, and felt so welcoming. Driving up to Dharmsala was pure joy. The Tibetan administration lives here in exile, so we immediately dived into the spiritual rituals, temples and prayer wheels. My Frisian mind needs some time to let that sink in, but I do enjoy the quietness. We had curvy roads, a lot of macaque monkies, green forests surrounding us and in the morning the misty haze is so beautiful. I still love to wake up early, one of the things I never thought I would like. The northeast route onwards to Nepal brought us along the cutest places like Shimla and Rishikesh.

And the food! Just amazing. Sipping a fresh garlic naan in the spicy paneer curry can be so rewarding after a day of curvy riding.

We knew it was too cold to ride more north, exploring the Spiti Valley and the Kashmir region. Minus degrees during daytime is a bit too cold for us. Now we are here, I definitely know I will be back some day, the mountains are calling! By then, I do take a lighter bike, hopefully a Himalayan. More about that later!