Wagah Wagah

28 November - Wagah, Pakistan - Janneke

Our only option to get to India is to cross at the famous Wagah Border. The closing ceremony is a real happening. This is the liveliest border we have seen! On the Pakistan side the crowd goes wild and screams along with the drum and music. Bam-bam-bam, ‘PA-KI-STAN!’ On the opposite side the Indian crowd is twice the size and acts even more loco. It feels like we are about to attend a cricket match, popcorn, hotdogs, drinks are sold across the tribunes. They say it is all friendly, but I think deep down there are still some subdued feelings against each other and the shouting concerts are a great way to ease that feeling. The Pakistan Rangers and the Indian Border Security play a real drama act in lowering the flags of both countries. And then the gate is closed. Next morning we crossed into India!